It is a closed space on the floor of the Café which offers regular workshops or one-off courses, various activities such as yoga, tango, or other dances, and where are also sometimes film screenings .

For all these activities, Studio’M is sublet 10 euros for two hours (+ 2 euros in winter), 20 euros for half a day (+5 euros in winter) and 30 euros for the day (+10 euros in winter ). It is rented for the moment for three weekly activities.

Do not hesitate to come and propose a new weekly workshop or an internship! A lot of slots are available!

Cours de YOGA

Courses organized by Emma du Boulay

Tuesday 10am – 11:15am – Prenatal Yoga (on registration)

Wednesday 10am-11:15am – Vinyasa yoga

In Espéraza (in the Dojo, Place de l’Industrie)

Monday 6pm – 7:15pm – Yin Yoga

Wednesday 6:30pm-7:45pm – Vinyasa yoga

Contact Emma for more info!
By message or on 06 27 33 39 01

Flow Yoga

Flow yoga, also known as Vinyasa Yoga or Prana flow yoga, is a dynamic form of yoga that offers a wide variety of postures, synchronizes breathing and movement, and stimulates the flow of vital energy.

Shiva Rea is the creator of this popular yoga style in the United States and increasingly in Europe, especially in France. Shiva is renowned for her talent for enlivening and keeping the ancient roots of yoga modern and accessible. His style incorporates vinyasa (a fluid form of postures) with roots in Krishnamacharya bhakti and tantra. His teachings offer us a wide range of whole body practices and a synthesis of Prana Flow techniques.

TANGO Course

Three Tango classes every Tuesday night!

Confirmed 18h30-19h30
Beginners 19h30-20h30
Intermediates 20h30-22h

8 € the course
First free trial class

Contact: Alexandra 06 45 75 73 82

It is a social dance born at the end of the 19th century in Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay). As a rhythmic form, it most often refers to a measure with two or four rather marked beats, but with a vast range of tempos and rhythmic styles very different according to the epochs and the orchestras. Tango as a musical genre encompasses three musical forms on which tango steps are traditionally played: tangos, milongas and waltzes.

The bandoneon, integrated into the tango orchestras, composed mainly of string instruments, is traditionally the flagship instrument of tango. Tango is a ballroom dance that dances with two. It is an improvisation dance, in the sense that the steps are not fixed in advance to be repeated sequentially, but where the two partners walk together towards an impromptu direction at every moment.

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