The Café works entirely thanks to the commitment and the goodwill of the volunteers. The team is very heterogeneous and composed of people of all ages, of varied know-how, and who especially have the will to make live the Coffee.

As a collegiate association, the Café is managed in a common way, each one bringing his time and his energy according to his means and according to his free time, all working thanks to the existing synergies between all the members.

The program of the week for a Café volunteer is serving a coffee, a beer, a glass of wine, or dishes cooked during concerts or other events. It is also cooking good food, tapas, desserts, to his taste, and according to his means, for the pleasure of all. And to vary these pleasures, it is also afterwards to take the plunge and have a good sweep!

But in the end, it’s especially the opportunity to have a good time with friends in a festive and warm atmosphere, listening to good music, with a good drink and a good plate!

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