Chez Marius is an associative Cultural Café *, fully managed and run by a team of volunteers. The Café is the physical place where the members of the Les Matalys Association, representing the legal entity, meet with their home at the same address.


*See the heading “Resources” for an internet link and a detailed description

Les Matalys Association is a collegial association * governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901, and was created on 28 November 2018.

Its purpose is to develop and stimulate human, associative, cultural and environmental exchanges through the organization of events focused on the fields of culture, art, well-being, gastronomy and personal development. Some events are the subject of a specific economic activity.

The Association offers a sufficiently broad structure, with human resources allowing everyone to exploit their skills and develop their projects in a region largely affected by unemployment and the decline of rural life. Concretely, the means used are intergenerational meeting times around various themes, conferences-debate, organic and vegetarian meals in the context of occasional and mobile tables d’hôtes, concerts, animations of workshops in various fields, support to local producers through markets, partnership with other local associations. This list is evolutionary and non-exhaustive.

In addition, the Association inscribes its project in a dimension of general interest by opening to all the public. In all circumstances, it guarantees a democratic and transparent functioning and ensures the unselfishness of its management.

The activities of the Café thus revolve around three poles:

– The Café itself in the lower room, which serves as a bar and a small restaurant, with its scenic area for concerts and other shows.

– Studio’M, an enclosed space upstairs for classes and workshops, such as yoga and tango, which is regularly rented to external speakers for workshops or other activities.

– the Organic Grocery store, which offers mainly local products from local producers.

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