The MJC de Puivert has set itself the goal of bringing the local community together, giving life to the village, creating an intergenerational link, encouraging mutual help, cooperation, teamwork … and simplicity! It offers arts and cultural activities and activities for the town and surrounding areas, such as English and French conversation classes, a choir, a computer workshop, and a children’s theater class.

The non-commercial house of Puivert is a private and non-subsidized place, managed by its users, open to all and free access. 90 m2 are distributed in 4 areas: the free store, the localibre, the fadabricole, the freehèque, the free garden.

Café of Fa

The Café de Fa is a cultural and citizen Café that organizes concerts, cultural Wednesdays or citizens with for example solidarity support to migrants, screenings-debate documentaries on sensitive topics. All complemented by theme meals according to the animations with homemade dishes from fresh local produce and certified organic wines or sober and original vitamin drinks!

The Network of Associative Cultural Cafés

The Network of Associative Cultural Cafes which aims at the application of the charter, the creation of solidarity between cafes, support for new coffee projects, joint actions and the development of the recognition of cultural cafés by partners. It allows more exchanges and complicities on the themes of cafes: writing, games, culture, etc …

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